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Perfect Trips is made up of a staff of professional travel consultants who are highly trained and extremely knowledgeable in worldwide travel.

We are an online travel agency who trains inexperienced as well as experienced people who want to succeed in their own home-based travel agency. We give you all the training and support needed to make it easy to be successful! You work and learn at your own pace. There is no stress added with quotas or time limits. Your time is your time, and we do not decide how you spend it.

Just want to book your own travel and get paid for it?

Sure no problem, we’ll teach you how!

Don’t want to bother booking your own travel arrangements or your clients arrangements?

Ask for a partner. Let him/her find the correct travel arrangements and split the commission!

Why start a home-based business?

You can finally be your own boss! Build your business the way you want to build it. Spend more time with your family. Take vacations when you want to as well as sign up for FREE vacations. Use your business as a Tax Deduction on mortgage, household items, and business equipment. You decide your financial success. You can decide the services you want to provide and the products that you will sell.

Common Questions

Who can join?


Am I an employee of Perfect Trips?

No. You are an Independent Contractor. This means that we will send you a 1099 at the end of the year that you will use for your taxes. You will have no deductions from you check. You are utilizing our license, but you own your own business.

Will I be allowed to get travel agent discounts?

Yes. In fact, after you sign up with our agency, you qualify for discount travel. When you acquire your CLIA or IATAN card nearly all companies will accept you for FAMS (travel agent discounts). This will be explained in your training process.

How do I get a list of suppliers?

We have an ongoing, fluid supplier list. The constantly updating supplier list is located at this online address:
This list includes our access passwords and all other necessary information needed to book any type of vacation. You will find that you will use your favorite suppliers over and over because you know where to find the best deal after you have utilized their services a couple of times. We will suggest the best suppliers and the rest is up to you. It is your business and we do not tell you how to run it. 
If you find a supplier not listed, simply sign up with the information at the bottom of the supplier list.

What does it cost?

Nothing! Even the E & O insurance isn't mandatory, however greatly recommended.
We feel you need to be covered in case of an error or ommission you make.
Cost is only $95 for the year and only $50 the following years.

That's it! There are NO start up fees, NO monthly fees, NO minimum fees, and NO hidden fees whatsoever! We are not like other companies that charge a ridiculous amount to get started, even though you have not decided if a home based business is right for you. We do not charge for training. We do not charge for access to our license or suppliers. We feel that if you are successful, we are successful!

Other costs:

The only other costs that you might incur is the set up of your company. This may include business cards, website, and office supplies. You will be responsible for shipping and handling as well as any postal charges. Most suppliers will send the tickets to the customer. In this event, no shipping or postal charges will be incurred. In the event the supplier sends travel tickets to Perfect Trips, you will be responsible for shipping costs when we have to forward the information to you or the client.

That’s it!!

More questions? You can email us at  or call us at (530) 990-4879 or (530) 534-6019.

If you want to join us it’s very easy:

1. Email us at  and let us know that you would like to join our company.
2. We will then email 
you a contract which you can email back to us.
3. After we receive this information, we will give you the access code to our training site.
4. We will also send you an invitation to join Yahoo Groups (for communication).

5. You are then on your way to starting your own home based business.

It’s as EASY as that!!